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WinCover™ is an impact-resistant window
covering for construction sites.

The system is patented and serves as your guarantee for both
the protection of your windows and the financial aspect of your project.

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Competitive pricing

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Never had damage using WinCover™

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Get rid of unexpected bills and remain on schedule

How to use WinCover™

WinCover™ is delivered as made-to-measure modules and ready to be mounted right away. The modules are fitted for each window and tradesmen can easily mount them single handedly

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''WinCover™ is a guarantee, not just covering

We have developed a solution that ensures windows are 100% protected against mortar and impact. Additionally, WinCover ensures against unintended opening during the construction process.

Damaged windows negatively impact your project's bottom line and environmental footprint - At WinCover™, we strive for you to understand your finances and environmental impact when using our products.

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