How to install WINCOVER

WINCOVER consists of robust and impact-resistant modules that are installed on all windows and doors to protect the frame, frame, and glass. The product shields against mortar, plaster, impacts, and more. Simply put, you don't have to worry about the glass sections when using WINCOVER as a door and window covering. Worry-free installation of windows and doors in construction has never been easier and more accessible.

The installation of WINCOVER is easy and straightforward. The product is delivered as a ready-made and customized module that fits each individual window or door element, and the craftsman can easily - and on their own - install the module. WINCOVER is faster and significantly easier to install than traditional solutions like window film. The module is mechanically fixed to the side of the frame. The module weighs only 1 kg per m2, and the installation time is 2-3 minutes per module. It is easy and simple to do alongside the installation of windows and doors, and you have full protection from day one.


Why is WinCover a better alternative?


WINCOVER provides significant benefits to the working environment while ensuring optimal window coverage. With this product, it becomes possible to install windows and doors early in the construction process, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption for heating and drying - and the solution can even be reused. Additionally, according to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, the indoor temperature during construction should be at least 10 degrees Celsius.

In addition to improving the U-value, the product also contributes to better natural light penetration. Traditional plastic window film obstructs a significant amount of light, whereas WINCOVER is more transparent, allowing for better utilization of natural light. By choosing WINCOVER instead of traditional interim closures in construction, you ensure a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable building solution.

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Are you planning to construct new buildings, undertake a complete renovation of your house, or something entirely different? We have the right solution for you if you also want to reduce your energy consumption and embrace recycling. WINCOVER is an important step.

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